Ultra Singapore 2018: Rave of the Year

Being a frequent clubber in my younger days, I went to Ultra Singapore 2018 on 15 June to see what the craze was about. I guess you could say I wanted to re-live old memories. Bought 2-day GPA tickets for myself early at S$180 to the 3rd edition of Ultra Singapore. I noticed that as […]


A Step Into Investing

About 5 to 10 years ago when I was still an undergraduate, I dabbled with stocks and lost money; however, with inflation eating the value of your dollar as each year goes by and the idea of earning a passive income whispering to me constantly, I have decided to step into investing again. This time, however, […]


Government Surveillance

Have you felt that the government is watching you? Although there is little news on this, I have felt and observed this personally. It is an ongoing fear that I have and it effects me occasionally. I even have to see a doctor for this. It is not that I have something to hide but […]


Skills Needed To Be A Front-End Developer

If you’re looking to change careers or learn new skills to upgrade and enhance your current career, I am here to provide some tips. Having landed a few web developer roles, below are brief highlight of skills you need to learn to land your first front-end web development job. HTML/CSS I know, these two terms […]