How To Include The WordPress Media Selector In Your Plugin

Published: Sunday, 08-July-2018 17:24:24 (+0800 UTC)

Recently I had to include an image selector in one of the plugins I was developing. Going for the pure WordPress look and feel, I really wanted to use the image selector everyone knows from the ‘Add Media’ button when you modify a post. Lucky for me, I came across Jeroen’s blog. To accomplish this, you’d […]

Tips & Tricks To Speed Up Windows 10

Published: Saturday, 30-June-2018 07:32:12 (+0800 UTC)

If you have a Windows 10 machine that’s old or doesn’t have much RAM, you’re probably fed up by how slow it feels. Fortunately, there are a few small tweaks you can make to the system’s Settings to produce a smoother experience. Prevent programs from loading at startup It’s a common sight for most Windows […]

What A Trade War Means

Published: Saturday, 23-June-2018 08:41:38 (+0800 UTC)

With the US, Europe and China exchanging blows, I look at what a trade war means. What Do Tariffs Do? Tariffs increase the prices of imported goods. Because of this, domestic producers are not forced to reduce their prices from increased competition, and domestic consumers are left paying higher prices as a result. Tariffs also […]

How To Add Custom Fields To A Custom Post Type

Published: Saturday, 23-June-2018 07:34:17 (+0800 UTC)

Start by creating a custom post type Creating a custom post type is pretty easy. Firstly, register the post type with the register_post_type() function and finally, wrap register_post_type() in a function call and hook it to the init Action like so: add_action( ‘init’, ‘create_post_type’ ); function create_post_type() { register_post_type( ‘books’, array( ‘labels’ => array( ‘name’ […]

Ultra Singapore 2018: Rave of the Year

Published: Saturday, 16-June-2018 06:34:54 (+0800 UTC)

Being a frequent clubber in my younger days, I went to Ultra Singapore 2018 on 15 June to see what the craze was about. I guess you could say I wanted to re-live old memories. Bought 2-day GPA tickets for myself early at S$180 to the 3rd edition of Ultra Singapore. I noticed that as […]